Permanent Recruitment Process

We’ve come to realise over the years that recruitment with a one-size-fits-all approach never works. And with our varied client list, a fixed recruitment process isn't an option – to become as successful as we are, we’ve had focus on supplying a 'best in business' customised approach that sees you get the best candidate for your position.

Our permanent staffing process includes:

  • Job description taken by the Recruitment Consultant/Business Development Manager

  • Data base search

  • Should there be no suitable available candidates in our Database we will advertise the position where we deem appropriate for the role – SEEK, Trademe, MyJobSpace, Herald, Facebook, Twitter and local newspapers

  • All candidates will be screened and only those that meet the criteria will be interviewed

  • Candidates will be assessed to meet the skill set and criteria’s required for the role. A personality profile can also be performed should the position require it

  • Once a candidate has passed the assessments an interview using behavioral interviewing techniques will be conducted

  • A minimum of 2 verbal references will be carried out

  • Only CV’s of candidates who we believe meet all of your criteria will be forwarded to you for consideration

  • Interview appointments will be confirmed with only those candidates you wish to meet

  • Once you have made a decision of which candidate you wish to hire we can negotiate salary/wages on your behalf. Please note if you are not happy with any of the candidates we will continue our search

  • All other candidates will be contacted and advised that they were unsuccessful

  • Upon the successful candidate being placed, we will contact you on the first day to ensure the candidate has arrived and is now being inducted

  • As part of our guarantee program we will contact both you and the candidate to check on progress after 1 month and again after the second and third months of employment. Should either party be dissatisfied for any reason that cannot be rectified we will endeavor to replace the candidate at no cost to you



The Company issues a three month guarantee period to replace a Candidate with one replacement should the originally placement not be suitable. This guarantee is only valid for three months after engagement of the candidate.

If a suitable replacement candidate is not found by the company a credit note will be issued. Credits will be calculated in the following manner:

*50% of the fee if the Candidate leaves in the first month

*25% of the fee if the Candidate leaves in the second month